Crossroads Proposal for "Religion, Experience, and Mind" Selected for Funding

The UCSB Graduate Division announced that our Crossroads Proposal was selected for funding for the 2014-15 academic year.  Designed to promote the integration of interdisciplinary research into the undergraduate curriculum, the project will fund four Lab Group members -- Michael Barlev, Nathan Fredrickson, Jennifer Hahn, and Vikas Malhotra for the academic year. As Crossroads Fellows, they will be revising established courses and developing new ones in light of the research we are doing in the Lab Group.  Barlev will add an ethnographic component to Professor German's PSY 145: Psychology of the Supernatural; Fredrickson will design and teach World Making: Religious, Fictional, Virtual;  Hahn will add a scientific component to RS 1: Introduction to the Study of Religion; and Malhotra will design and teach Gods, Minds, and Bodies.  We delighted to have received this funding and anticipate that incorporating discussions of pedagogy into our Lab Group meetings will help us to communicate our excitement about the work we are doing more clearly and effectively.