Jed Forman

Ph.D. Student


Tibetan Buddhism, Buddhist Epistemology, Phenomenology, Cognitive Science of Religion


B.A. Philosophy, Tufts University 2007

M.S. Kineseology, University of California, Northridge 2014

M.A./Ph.D. Student Religious Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara Present


Jed Forman received his undergrad in philosophy from Tufts University with a special certificate for additional studies in Ethics, Law, and Society. There he was awarded a grant to work with the R.F. Kennedy Memorial Foundation to develop ethical investment guidelines for the Norweigan Petroleum Fund as well as published an entry on “Objectivism” in the Encyclopedia of Spiritual Development under SAGE publications. He also received the Dance Studies Award given to one graduating senior from the dance department. After college, he had a successful seven-year career as a computer programmer and street dancer, performing and teaching in New York, LA, and internationally. Jed received his M.S. with distinction in Kinesiology and Dance from California State University Northridge in 2014. He thereafter returned to his interest in Buddhist philosophy.


Jed is interested in how Buddhist epistemology may serve as a framework for understanding religious experience as a whole. He sees profound intersections with Buddhist thought and the Western phenomenological tradition. He also has studied similar themes in the arena of cognitive science under Daniel Dennett.