Keith Cantu

Ph.D. Student


Hinduism and Alternative Religions, Western Esotericsm and Medieval Studies, Cognitive Delusions and Default Processing


B.A., International Studies (Political Science), Pepperdine University

M.A. International Studies (Comparative Religion), University of Washington

M.A. International Studies (South Asian Studies), University of Washington

Ph.D. Student Religious Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara


Keith's dissertation research is focused on the nineteenth-century Tamil ?aiva yog? ?r? Sabh?pati Sw?m? (b. 1840), especially how his cognitive practices share historical affinities with other early modern and medieval yogic, tantric, and alchemical traditions. He also is researching ?r??a Candra Basu (or Vasu), a Bengali intellectual living in Lahore who was Sabh?pati Sw?m?'s initial editor as well as the editor of some early Sanskrit publications of texts on Ha?hayoga. Apart from yet intersecting with this material, Keith has a keen personal and academic interest in the writings of Aleister Crowley (1875-1947), the Theosophical Society, and alternative religious movements more broadly.


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Theurgy and the Snake: The Yoga Kalandar and Bengali Sufism. Saarbrücken: Lambert Academic Publishing, 2015.